A guide to getting a girl’s attention

A lot of men are overanxious to impress women, and most of the times they come across as nervous, loud or obnoxious. It really does not have to be this way, as there are basic ways in which you can grab a woman’s attention without having to go over the top. You do not have to dress fancy or anything, but you certainly have to stand out so that she notices. See, it is easy to get lost in the sea of men out there, and this almost always happens to men who can’t find a way to draw attention to themselves. In this piece, we look at some ways in which you can grab the attention of a girl and retain it.

  1. Watch your body language

A lot of times you will see men trying to approach women, and their body language is just not right. They look hunched over, tired and their shoulders are slumped. In this posture, you come across as tired, needy or even desperate. Women like men who can present themselves as powerful and confident, and this is the kind of aura you want to exude.

  1. Take control

Women like a man who can take charge of a situation. If you are hanging out with friends and they lookup to you for direction, you are undoubtedly going to grab some attention. If you are around a woman, making subtle suggestions about what to do or where to go when she seems stranded, transmits the strong message that you can be in control and you know what to do if put in that position.

  1. Always know what to say

Forget those fancy and not-so fancy lines from the past. Just find a way in which you can get through to her without trying too hard. The most important thing to do here is to grab her attention and avoid awkward conversations because women tend to hate that.

  1. Invest in your own development

We talked about clothes, said that you do not have to be fancy, but you certainly have to take care of yourself. Find a great hairstyle that suits your personality and dress well. Eat right and work out when you can. You do not need to bulk out or anything, but you need to show great health and grooming.


Getting noticed by women is easy, but only if you put your mind to it. All you have to do is be sensitive, look good and exude some manly confidence.